How long does it take for single vision glasses?

Which kind of frames can I send to you?

What if I have issues when I receive back my frame?

What if my frame gets damaged after you receive it?

How long does it take for Progressive or Bifocal lenses?

What do I need to make a purchase?

Where are we located?

How and where should I send you my frame?

What if I don't have my prescription and don't know my numbers?

Can I use my contact lenses prescription for ordering from you?

I'm unsure about how to enter my prescription online. Can I send it to you instead?

Can you read my prescription off my existing glasses?

What if I dont know my PD #?

I made a mistake when ordering. What should I do?

How do I check on the progress of my order/glasses?

What if I can't see properly with the new lenses ?

One year Warranty

Can I choose how light or dark the level of tinting should be on the glasses/sunglasses that I'd like to order?


What is Both-Way shipping?

How long will it take?



what are Hi-index lenses?