Free Both-Way Shippings


    Free Both way shipping is only available to CANADIAN RESIDENCE 

    US Residence Click here       


    What is free two-way shipping?


    Simply put, it means you get free shipping to send and receive your frames.


    How it works?


    1. Once you order your lenses, we will mail you a box within 24 hours with a hard case inside along with a return label.
    2. You will have the option to choose during ordering in which you can choose to package your frame yourself, and receive a free shipping return label by email. It would make the process faster by 3-5 days. 
    3. When you receive the box (3-5 days) simply place your frames in the hard case, and put it back in the box. 
    4. Attach the return label on the box, and drop it off to any Canada Post location.
    5. When we receive your frames, we will change the old lenses with your new lenses.
    6. We ship it right back to you.

    The whole process will take about 3-7 business days.

    Print your free Return Label

    Hassle-free, Safe, Secure, and Absolutely Free.