What are Anti Smudge Lenses?

Anti smudge lenses have a special coating that protects it from fingerprints and smudges, making it a must-have for spectacle wearers. Thanks to these lenses, you no longer have to constantly be rubbing ineffectively at your lenses with the tail end of your shirt or handkerchief.
Anti Smudge Lenses | Easy Clean Lenses

Benefits & Advantages of Anti Smudge - Easy Clean Lenses!

  • Easy to clean, saving you time and effort
  • Resists fingerprints and oils, reducing smudges.
  • Minimizes the risk of scratches during cleaning.
  • Enhances the overall lifespan of eyeglass lenses.
  • Reduces the frequency of cleanings needed.
  • Keeps lenses clearer for better vision.

How Do Anti Smudge Lenses Work?

Anti smudge easy-clean lenses refer to eyeglass lenses treated with coatings that resist fingerprints and oils, making them less prone to smudging. The easy-clean feature implies that these lenses can be effortlessly cleaned, reducing the need for frequent maintenance. These coatings enhance durability by minimizing scratches that can occur during cleaning. While they simplify the cleaning process, it's advisable to use a gentle touch and a microfiber cloth to ensure optimal care and longevity.

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