Which lenses are best for me?

We know that everyone has different life styles & needs, So we are here to help you choose the correct lenses that suits your needs. 

We're Here To Help You Choose The Right Lenses For Your Needs

For Kids (18 & under)


       It is preferred that eyeglasses made for kids consist of Polycarbonate lenses (Impact proof lenses). It is preferred because mostly all kids are very active and physically very playful amongst themselves or with different objects. Kids can easily break any lenses, that are not polycarbonate, in their eyes. This is the case with a prescription of a power lower than + or – 5.00 Diopter (For information on any other Diopter, please look under “HighPowers” blow).

In these days of our lives we are surrounded by many electronic devices that consist of L.E.D. lights such as a T.V.’s, Tablets, Cellphones, and Laptops. These L.E.D. lights emit a blue light that are very harmful to our eyes. It is a big cause to Cataract later in life, and also many other diseases. It is also suggested for any kids eyeglass lenses consist of BLUE BLOCKER. It is a new technology that blocks the blue light from the screens.

Are you physically active or play sports?

Sports equipment with a football basketball baseball soccer tennis and golf ball and badminton hockey puck as recreation and leisure fun activities for team and individual playing.

Whether you are a teen, an adult or a senior you should definitely choose Polycarbonate lenses. Playing any sport can in many unthinkable ways cause an injury to the eyes. Many of the injuries occurs to the eyes. It is best to wear sports goggles or frames made of impact proof lenses, Polycarbonate lenses.

If you play sports  or do any activities outdoor make sure to get UV Protecton to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Have a physical job/hobby?


Do you work with chemicals? work in a dusty environment? Do any garden works? Work in a place that enforces you to wear safety glasses?  

It is best to choose Polycarbonate lenses. They are the safest lenses for sports and safety frames approved by the FDA.

If your work is outdoor work, be sure to get UV Protection. You also can get transition lenses which changes your lenses from clear to dark when its under the sun. 

Do you work/play on computer or tablets?



In this day and age, all devices such as cellphones, tablets, computer screens, and T.V’s  are all made up of LED lights. It breaks your body’s natural sleep and wake cycles. When your body is exposed to blue light, it sends signals to your body to stay awake. Because of this, exposure to blue light can boost your alertness, heighten your reaction times and elevate your mood and overall well-being. The blue light that is emitted from LED lights is a big cause to Cataract disease in the eye. Additionally, it can cause eye strain, blurred vision and headaches. In extreme cases, too much blue light can even lead to permanent eye damage and vision loss.

It is highly recommended to choose BLUE BLOCK lenses if you use a computer/tablet for more than 3 hours a day.

HIGH POWER PRESCRIPTION? (Eye powers over + or – 3.00)


It is recommended for patients with powers of higher than + or – 3.00 Diopters to choose High-Index lenses. Choosing high-Index lenses will affect the thickness of your lens. The higher the power in a prescription, the thicker your lenses will be. To reduce the thickness, you must choose the appropriate index. The higher the index, your lenses will get thinner.



If you are need of both reading and distance glasses, it can be a hassle wearing a pair and carrying another with you all the time. Because of this hassle many patients only carry with them the one pair they need the most. Some patients don’t like switching for the distance glasses to reading over and over. We suggest our patients choose either Bi-focal lenses or Progressive lenses for their frames.

Bi-focal lenses consists of 2 visions. Top parts of the lenses are made for distance and bottom parts are made for reading separated by a line on the lenses.

Progressive Lenses consists of 2 or more visions. Same idea as a Bi-focal lens, but without a visible line to separate the 2 visions on the top and bottom.

Choosing either of these lenses suggested will save you the hassle of carrying 2 frames. It will cancel out the second pair of glasses for all.



There are lenses with new technology made for patients who like being outdoor. Being out door can be very harmful for our eyes under the sun light. The sun’s UV is major role for our eye diseases. Just like any other parts of our body needs protection from the suns UV, our eyes need protection as well.

We encourage our patients who does lots of outdoor activities like walking, running, playing sports, gardening, and even working outdoors to get UV Protection lenses.

You can have any lenses made with UV protections.

Best UV protection lenses are Transition Lenses. Not only your lenses will protect yours eyes from the sun’s UV, but they will also change color and become sunglasses.

Still don't know which lenses to get?

Contact us, and one of our technician/opticians will talk to you and will help you to choose the best correct lenses that suits your needs the best.