Essilor Advanced Digital HD Progressive + 100% CRIZAL (Best Offer)

Essilor Advanced Digital HD Progressive + 100% CRIZAL (Best Offer)

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Try CRIZAL & we guarantee your best experience in lenses



  • A pair of Essilor Advanced digital HD progressive lenses. 3 vision lenses with no line. Clearly see all the vision sights. Distance, intermediate, Reading. 
  • 100% CRIZAL - The most comprehensive lenses
  • Crizal Anti Glare - Crizal® Anti-Glare coating gives you the clearest vision at nights.
  • Back and front UV Protection - most comprehensive UV protection
  • Crizal Anti Smudge - Protects the lenses from fingerprints and smudges. 
  • Crizal Anti Scratch Coating -Helps to reduce scratches 
  • Blue light blocker - Blocks the harmful ultra blue rays of digital screens 
  • Easy Clean - Makes the lenses much easier to clean. 
  • Dust repellent - Protect your lenses from dust, allowing you to have clearer vision.
  • Water Repellent - Prevents water droplets from sticking to the lens.
  • Free Hard Case & a Free cleaning cloth
  • Free nose pads for your frame

So Clear, So Clean & So Protective