3 Visions with no line progressive. For distance, intermediate and reading.

Hoya Regular Progressive

$ 113.00 / Pair
  • Anti Scratch
  • Buy 2 Pairs & get $25 Off Use code: Buy2

Hoya Advanced Digital HD Progressive

$ 139.00 / Pair
  • Anti Scratch
  • Wider Corridor
  • Wider reading part
  • Buy 2 Pairs & get $25 Off Use code: Buy2

Essilor Advanced digital HD progressive

$ 179.00 / Pair
  • Anti Scratch
  • Wider Corridor
  • Wider Reading part
  • Less distortions
  • Smoother Transition Between sights
  • Buy 2 Pairs & get $45 Off Use code: ESS2


$ 319.00 / Pair
  • 100% Crizal
  • Anti Scratch
  • Anti Glare
  • Easy clean (Anti Smudge)
  • UV Protection
  • Blue light blocker
  • Dust & Water repellent
  • Widest Corridor
  • No distortions
  • Technologically Transition between sights
  • Buy 2 pairs & get $70 Off Use code: VAR2


About Hoya Lenses.

One of the top selling & high quality of progressive lenses sold in most optical retail stores across Canada. Manufactured in Canada. With its crystal clear lenses makes your vision more clearer and helps to see each sight of vision with more ease. 

essilor brand

About Essilor Lenses.

Essilor progressive lenses are the best in the market & with its famous crizal coating it gives you the best vision experience. #1 recommended by most eye care professionals.  It provides sharper vision at every distance, and Eliminates Off-Balance for more smoother transition at any distance.

advanced digital

What is Advanced Digital

Digital advanced is the newest technology in progressive lenses. 35% more field of vision. Wider corridor and clearer vision.  More space for intermediate and reading part.  Recommended for people of all ages and beginners. 

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